Create your original crayons

We collaborate with many partners and produce unique crayons. If you are interested in making your original ones, please contact us.

House Foods Group

Spice Crayons 

We worked with House Foods Group, known for their curry paste, to create a set of crayons using spice waste from their production. It was made as a thank you gift for a successful crowdfunding campaign for Makuake initiated on February 26, 2020 and received support from 1439 people. 


Vegetable crayons (OBM) 

We partnered with ART-ZOO, a project led by art director Jackson Tan, to create this pop art edition of the Vegetable Crayons. Jackson Tan is known for his creation of the official logo for Singapore’s 50th anniversary.

Nishio Tea Cooperative

Oyasai crayon Nishio green tea

Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture is a producer of tencha, the raw material for matcha. Nishio's Matcha, a specialty of Nishio City and the surrounding area, has been certified as a regional brand by the Japan Patent Office. Matcha powder is dispersed during the production of Nishio Matcha. This powder used to be disposed of as industrial waste, but now it can be reused as "matcha crayon.

Turner Colour Works Ltd. 

Rice Crayons - Traditional colors of Japan 

We joined forces with Turner Colour Works, Ltd. a paint manufacturer, to develop the Rice Crayons featuring the unique Japanese traditional colors that mirror their product “Acrylic Gouache Japanesque Colour.”

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